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About Us



Get Start with your Healthy Lifestyle with Diet Mealz

Diet Mealz is a unique concept established in 2013, providing personalized calorie counted meals. The clients are assessed by our professional and highly qualified nutritionists, upon completion of assessment the nutritionists create a customized meal plan. This meal plan is delivered at the doorstep of the client.

So far we have been able to achieve our goals and have been satisfying each and every client by helping them to reduce weight.

Diet Mealz is now the leading provider of health and nutritional food and weight management programs, catering to several hundred clients on a daily basis and delivering healthy Mealz across Bahrain.

Diet Mealz introduced has more than 7 speciality, fitness, weight loss and weight management programs, ready-to-eat meals, healthy hospital catering, and a premium selection of programs and service to meet the different lifestyles of our clients.

Variety of selections

we provide a wide variety of food and constantly innovate our menu which is creatively put together by our chefs.


Everything is freshly prepared daily to ensure the quality of the meals. They are individually portioned and packed in heatable containers for easy, healthy on the go meals.


We deliver your freshly prepared food daily to your doorstep.

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